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  1. Voice

    The UN Youth Voice brings together Australia's brightest speakers in years 7-10 to craft and… See details ›

  2. Crisis Point

    Crisis Point is a one day summit structured around an Interactive Problem Solving Activity.… See details ›

  3. Junior Leadership Weekend Tasmania

    Junior Leadership Weekend is a 3 day residential conference held in Dysart, Tasmania. It is aimed… See details ›

  4. Victorian State Conference 2020

    If you're in year 10 - 12, register your interest for State Conference 2020 for four days of… See details ›

  5. NT Voice

    See details ›

  6. The Youth Representative

    The Australian Youth Representative to the UN is a role appointed annually by UN Youth Australia in… See details ›

  7. 15 Mar 19 - 17 Mar

    Territory Conference

    See details ›

  8. 26 May 19 - 26 Sep

    Young Leaders Summit

    UN Youth Australia's premier one-day conferences, exploring the largest issues facing our world and… See details ›

  9. 03 Aug 19

    FunMUN 2019

    FunMUN is a Queensland based Model United Nations (MUN) event which focuses on light-hearted and… See details ›

  10. 24 Aug 19 - 01 Sep

    Evatt NT

    Evatt NT is the Territory round of Australia’s largest and premier debating and diplomacy… See details ›

  11. 25 Aug 19

    Crisis Point Victoria

    Interactive Problem Solving activities taken to the extreme. See details ›

  12. 28 Feb 20 - 01 Mar

    Queensland State Conference

    The UN Youth Queensland State Conference is our premier event, and is one of the largest leadership… See details ›

  13. 29 Feb 20

    Young Leaders Summit

    See details ›

  14. 06 Mar 20 - 08 Mar

    NSW State Conference

    Are you in Years 9 - 12 and passionate about global issues and human rights? Keep an eye on this… See details ›

  15. 20 Mar 20 - 22 Mar

    State Conference WA

    State Conference is a weekend-long residential camp which is open to all students in years 9-12. It… See details ›

  16. 21 Mar 20

    Master Your Mind: Young Leaders Summit

    A Summit focused on the topic of mental health, co-delivered with clinical psychologist, Doctor… See details ›

  17. 01 Apr 20

    Hermit Kingdom Tour

    See details ›

  18. 03 Apr 20 - 05 Apr

    ACT Conference

    ACT Conference is a three day event bringing together high school students from across the ACT and… See details ›

  19. All Year

    School Visits

    UN Youth ACT can come to your school! We run several activities which aim to engage students and… See details ›

  20. All year

    Schools’ Program SA

    Have UN Youth run our hands-on, educational and exciting programs in your classroom. See details ›

  21. August

    ACT Schools Ambassadors Program

    The Schools Ambassadors Program is our fortnightly program for students looking to make change in… See details ›

  22. August 2019

    Evatt SA

    For Year 9-12 students, Evatt SA turns you into international diplomats as you work to solve the… See details ›

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